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Oh go Chihuly yourself!

Seattle Trip - Day 1 Seattle Space Needle & Chihuly Glass Museum

So as some people might know September through October of this year have been a very testing and stressful time for myself. The universe seemed to decide to reshuffle the deck that is my personal life, which I received no warning about until it all hit. However, I'm happy to announce that things have managed to get back on stable ground and I've got some new adventures on the horizon ahead of me. Perhaps this was a shift I really needed. Long story short, my trip to Seattle was planned before this minor tragedy struck and it ended but being needed more than I ever anticipated. Every ounce of stress and frustration slowly leached out of me amid the grey skies, green trees, and salty air. Standing alone on a the stern of a whale watching ship, amid the shiver inducing wind, as islands sped by to my left and right, I was finally able to breathe for the first time in over three months. I found something healing in the Pacific Northwest and I'm positive that nature is the human races ultimate mender of wounded souls.

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