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Cover Art by TJ Geisen

The Devil's Codex Playlist

Saints and Sinners
Book 1

What if God forced Lucifer to betray him, needing a villain to be    the counterpart to His hero?

Fed up with the misbegotten blame and attacks from both angels and humans alike, Lucifer has decided to cleanse the taint of sin from his soul. Maybe if he can regain his reputation as an angel instead of a monster, then his heavenly family would let him come back home.

Welcome to Lost Port, California; a city so rife with misconduct it has been nicknamed The Devil’s Playground. Intent on turning the city around, Lucifer uncovers the trail of a serial killer, which places him under the scrutiny of a psychic homicide detective.


As if that were not enough, the Devil’s luck doesn’t make it easy to keep off of Heaven’s radar; especially when Hell is in an uproar with prison riots and three escaped demons to track down.Yet assassin’s blades and the cunning of demons pale in comparison to Lucifer’s ultimate challenge; a child with a saintly destiny. She holds his salvation or damnation in her hands.


As it’s said: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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