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Ghost hunting at the Stanley Hotel and the Hotel Colorado

June 11, 2017

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Interviewing the Angels - Part 5 / The Lie

February 26, 2018


Interviewing the Angels - Part 5

The Lie

            My hands still over the keypad. Of course he knew. What didn't the Angel of Secrets know? I keep staring at the laptops screen as I feel his eyes boring into me from only a few feet away.

            Wetting my lips, I say in an equally monotone voice, "You already know. Why ask?"

            He takes another sip from his beer but does that no-answer-is-an-answer thing again. See? Frickin' annoying.

            "Fine," he relents a moment later. "What happens between Luce and you is your own problem. I just want to make sure it doesn't affect—"

            "What really happened to Atlantis?" I ask, cutting him off.


            "Atlantis. Want to set the record straight?" I open a new document on my computer and start furiously typing. "How about Anastasia? Did she survive or was that all just a rumor? Oh, and what's going on with the Missing 411? My money is on Fairies when it comes to that mystery and I've got a fifty dollar bet riding on the answer. How about Bigfoot and Nessie while we're at it? Also, could Rose have made room for Jack on that floating door and allowed him to survive?"

            I turn to him only see Raziel blinking at me, puzzled.

            "Well?" I gesture at the screen. "I'm here to do an interview and you obviously want to talk. I have questions prepared for Luce, not you. So I'm firing from the hip here."

            Abruptly, a bark of laughter escapes from Raziel's throat. "Wow… I knew Luce and you were alike but I didn't expect—"

            "Luce and I are nothing alike!"

            "Really? Because from where I'm sitting, you both deflect conversations that are uncomfortable in exactly the same way."

            I glare at him and try to use the angel trick to make that my answer.

            The angel next to me just lifts an eyebrow. "Did I just break you? Are you starting to have a seizure? Do you smell toast?"

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