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"Where we're going there is no road..."

Greetings hellions!

For my birthday this year, I wanted to a hiking trip up to the inner basin trail in Flagstaff. Up for an adventure, I picked up my best friend and we hit the road!

... and the road hit back.

Proving how much of a city girl I am, I was unaware of how rough the road up to the remote trail truly is. There were a few times my vehicle's wheels spun out and we started to get worried about popping a tire, but we keep on.

Until we hit a fork in the road - and lost the road!

I think at this point sanity got through to both of us and we admitted defeat (for today!) and turned around to limp our way back to the highway. Maybe one day we can rent a 4 wheeler to get up to the trail.

Has anyone else been up to the inner basin trail and if yes, how did you manage the drive up there?

So instead of a hike for my birthday, I got to road trip with my friend and we decided to tour around Sunset crater.

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