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Lessons from a first year female D&D DM: Two: To DM or not to DM. This is the question

My Trials and Tribulations as first year female Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Lesson Two: To DM or not to DM. This is the question


Up front honesty: for the last year or two I had been thinking about trying my hand at DM'ing a game. The only problem with that was that I only played with one group (we will call them the Thursday Group) at the time and, as a potential DM, they severely intimidated me.

My Thursday Group is comprised of 4 to 5 guys who are all hard core gamers. Meaning they play a couple times a week, have most of the game lore and rule books memorized, and combined have about a centuries worth of gaming experience.

It felt like if I attempted DM'ing for that group, I'd be messing up something every five minutes and suffering an hour long training lecture in penance. And again, I'd feel like I was in school vs playing a game with friends.

During this time, I also started playing with a second group (we'll call them the Saturday Group) which my friend Pam was DM'ing. This group excited me because it was a healthy mix of new and experienced players. It was also my first time playing with a female DM and very inspiring!

I felt myself getting excited with this 2nd game because I got the feeling of, "Yeah, this is more my pace. This feels like something I could handle running!"

So when drunk Will playfully demanded that I start DM'ing for him I felt a little hope at the prospect. The difference there being that the group he was referring to was comprised of all new players to the game. So even if I messed something up, they probably wouldn't know the difference and we'd all be learning together! I couldn't ask for a better/safer opportunity to jump into the DM waters!

Therefore, I agreed. I said I'd DM for a group of no more than 4 players.

We had our first game in January 2019 and. . . wow. . . I have so much more respect for my past DMs. Why there are not more TPKs (Total Party Kills) still boggles my mind.

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***Just to clarify: No, I was not playing every Thursday and Saturday. The Thursday group met/meets about 3 times a month on average and the Saturday group met once every 4-6 weeks depending on player schedules.

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