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Butterfly Wonderland

I'm hard at work on Fallen Saint, but I ended up taking the day off yesterday to spend time with my wonderful friend Amy at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. If you have not been, or have never heard of it, I highly recommend you check it out. Tickets are only $20

They show you a 15 minutes, 3D movie about butterflies before you are taken to the hatchery where you can see butterflies and moths emerging from their cocoons.

From there, you head out into their atrium where thousands of butterflies and moths fly freely about you. It's temperature controlled to be the ideal tropical rain forest habitat, which means it's HUMID! About 80% humidity, if I remember correctly. Being a desert rat, I'm not used to humid climates and can we say, 'hello, hair frizz'?

While you are in the atrium, the butterflies do land on you. If your a photographer, this is the place for you!

Some pics of the hatchery:

Out in the atrium:

After sitting down and being still for about 5 minutes, Amy finally got a few of the butterflies to land on her! Look at that smile!!!

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