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Cover Art by TJ Geisen

Fallen Saint Playlist

Saints and Sinners
Book 2

Twenty years ago, two of the world's vilest demons escaped from Hell and have managed to elude capture. Convinced someone is feeding them information, Lucifer Morningstar can't help suspecting those closest to him. Unsure who to trust, he's besieged on all sides as angels flock his gates seeking sanctuary from Heaven and the fires of an uprising spark in Hell.

Under a nightly spotlight, Aria's voice allows her to help people in need; which also places her in the path of those who wish her harm. Struggling to come to terms with her angelic past life and future as the prophesied Fallen Saint, she's thrown into a world of indecision when the Queen of Saints summons her to Heaven and her heart beckons her to Hell.

As the escaped demons spring their deadly trap, Lucifer and Aria must reconcile their past and embrace their future before the first bells of the apocalypse sound.

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