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Cover Art by Keith Decesare


A Saints and Sinners Novella
Book 1.5





Dealing with Demons is a Saints and Sinners novella included in the anthology titled: From the Darkest Corner produced in colaboration with FSF publications. 


This anthology features spooky tales by fellow authors Kira Shay and Megan E. Vaughn.



Ghosts, demons, and other children of the night tell their side of each haunting story within this debut anthology. In the shadows of these pages you will find:


A paranormal investigator on the mission of his afterlife.


A demon on parole from Hell who specializes in evictions.


A house full of spirits that welcomes a new member.


Plus two additional short stories that will make your skin crawl.


From Gothic horror to devilish comedy this collection of stories will have you checking under your bed.


From the Darkest Corner pulls together the great literary minds of Sidney Reetz, Megan E. Vaughn, and Kira Shay in this ghostly anthology.


Featuring art by Keith Decesare, Scott. P. “Doc” Vaughn, and T.J. Geisen.

Interior Art for Dealing With Demons by TJ Geisen

Dealing with Demons Playlist:

1.  Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy

2.  The Gonk by Herbert Chappell

3.  House of the Rising Sun by The Animals


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